Saturday, 1 November 2014

Witchclan - "The Dark Binding"

Witchclan are back with their second album "The Dark Binding" (Elvester Records/Darkness Shade Records) which has been released today (31st October 2014), and it easily tops the previous album "Misanthropist" by miles. I was instantly drawn into this album by the first track, compared to "Misanthropy" the vocals and instruments have more of a natural, raw aggression and in turn it gives the album more of darker, sinister feel.

Something that I picked up whilst listening to "The Dark Binding" (especially on the track "Dawn Of The Serpent Kings") is the use of the keys and samples. Throughout the album they only seem to be used as a secondary instrument, less obvious in this album compared to "Misanthropist", but the times they are used the atmosphere is increased tenfold. 

The whole feel of the album rests solely on the vocals and guitar, which again have drastically improved since the last album (even though I didn't think that was possible, as I rank "Misanthropist" highly in my personal favourites), this time round the drums and bass are much lower in the mix (in the background for those who aren't familiar with the technical side of music) which gives the album a very early 90's demo era feel.

It has to be said that there's a lot going on in this album, and if you're only into "lighter" more mainstream black metal "The Dark Binding" could be very overwhelming on the first listen and the whole point of the album will go right over your head. However,  if you're into demo era Darkthrone/Emperor etc. then this album is perfect for you. "The Dark Binding" is easily my favourite album of the year, and again Witchclan are continuing to prove that the UK still has a very active and amazing black metal scene.

"The Dark Binding" is available in a variety of different formats and packages, including the very limited edition "High Priest" package. 

You can find out more information or order them here.

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